About the VKG

Welcome to the Victoria (BC) Knitters' Guild.

We are a local knitting group based in Victoria, BC. Our members come with a range of experience and knitting styles.

Don't knit?

Come along to a meeting as we are a really friendly bunch willing to show you how!

The objectives of the Victoria Knitters' Guild are:

* to act as a source of knitting knowledge and skill; and
* to create a sense of camaraderie and sharing within the membership

We are a very active, friendly, helpful and encouraging group and welcome new members. If you would like to join our group you could go to the link where our Membership Form is. This can be printed off and sent with a cheque for annual membership to our Membership Coordinator.

If you have any questions at all about our group or knitting by all means contact us on our "About VKG" page

The President’s Yarn - November 2011

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner, and here’s me still thinking it is September. Now that I’m on the right page in my calendar, I would like to invite all you to my house for our annual Christmas pot luck lunch on Wednesday. December 7. Details are provided later in this newsletter.
I’d like to say a special thank you to the Beehive for the wonderful tour of the new yarns you gave us in September and for continuing to share your knowledge and love of the craft. To our very own Catherine Mick, thank you for sharing your stories, your creative process and your love of everything fiber with the group on the 19th.
Don’t miss the session with Mary Tanti on November 23rd when she will follow-up on the conversation about alternative cast-on and cast-off techniques that was started at the Beehive. Details are contained elsewhere in the newsletter.
Remember that with our membership drive this fall, there are two draws for gift certificates to the Victoria yarn shop of your choice. To be eligible for the first draw you have had to renew your membership before October 31. That draw will be held November 2. The second draw is for members who bring in a new member before January 1, 2012.
I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful fall we are having and your newest knitting projects.
Your president,
Eileen Grant
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June President's Message

Here we are already in June and the last newsletter for this knitting year. Barb has done a great job! I hope you have expressed your appreciation and gratitude to her. It takes a lot of time and effort and the ability to be able to do it. Other than e-mails it is the only link a number of our members have with the Guild when circumstances make getting to the meetings impossible. It is with regret and I am sad to say Barb is not going to continue doing it. This means that we now need a volunteer or volunteers to take on this important task. It is a big job and needs group input, support and appreciation which is sometimes not expressed enough. We've had great newsletters in the past so know there are those in our group who can do it.

I wish to thank those who continue to remain members even when it has not been possible for them to attend the meetings. We know your continued support helps make it possible for the VKG to have facilities where a group our size can meet. Over the year several new members have been welcomed and we are happy to have them. The number of members who meet at St Aidan's on the first and third Wednesday of each month has been over 30 lately.

It has been an idea for some time to have an evening meeting place to make it possible for members who are unable to attend a morning meeting. Interest in joining the Guild has been expressed by several who are unable to come during the daytime. Members will now have a choice and may choose to attend both. Spread the word to your knitting friends: commencing Sept. 29th we have acquired the Douglas Fir Room at the Commonwealth Pool. After Sept. 29th, the evening meeting will be the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. This will be reviewed before January, 2011, and the decision will be based on the interest of continuing. I am excited and am confident that it will fulfill a need. I hope this is good news to some of you who would like to come, but mornings weren't convenient.

Thanks to those of you who expressed their appreciation and support to the Executive at the General Meeting last Wednesday. We are happy to have Marjorie Raine as our new secretary. Ann did a great job and I am pleased she has offered to continue to be involved in the membership. Mavis does not wish to continue being responsible for the library, so we need a new volunteer. A book review Mavis gave at a meeting inspired me to take out my first book from the Guild library. Thanks again Mavis, for keeping our library going another year.

Remember to bring your finished UFO on June 16th.

On June 20th the VKG has a table at Saxe Point at the Fiber Fest Market. If possible, your presence would be welcome there to give out information and knit.
We are looking forward to a great day and potluck lunch June 23rd at Maria's. Remember her home is on Royal Oak Ave. not Drive.

Have a great summer. On those hot days hopefully you will be able to find a cool spot with a bit of a breeze to knit on your Saanich Fair items. This year again, the VKG will be featured in the Needle Arts Room on Sunday, Sept 4th, where we will be giving out Guild information and knitting. It is a fun day. I will be in touch before then and I know you will want to be a part of that day.

See you all in September.

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April President's Message

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It is hard to believe that by the time you get this newsletter it will already be April. The year is quickly slipping by. Some fun things have been happening and we are looking forward to events that are best for the nice spring and summer-like days.
There have been some great workshops. The most recent was on March 17th when 12 of us gathered to learn how to put little stars in the heel of a sock. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Presently, I am knitting a child’s dress and plan to use it in the yoke. The technique is too neat just to hide in the heel of a sock. It does look great there too. Thanks again to Mary Tanti who taught the workshop.
Even though Mary is one of our members, we don't get to see much of her as she lives on Salt Spring Island. We went to her home for a Pot Luck lunch and a tour of some of the Salt Spring Island fibre arts studios last spring. Those who went had a wonderful day and are very happy that it is possible to do this again. Those of you who could not go last year, I hope will be able to this year. Car pooling will be arranged and Anita will be keeping us posted on plans as the date
gets closer.
On March 5th we had a booth at the 50+ Active Living Celebration. Those who helped in that booth I trust enjoyed the day. A number showed interest in the VKG, so I hope we get to meet some of them in the near future.
Not everything is fun. We must begin thinking about the VKG year end drawing near. This means a nominating committee, giving thought to our next Executive and our General Meeting which is only two months away. If you cannot attend the upcoming meetings, do provide us with your input by e-mail or phone. If you are willing to serve in any of these capacities we would love to hear from you. Our guild is only what we all work to make it. We are very encouraged by a number of new members and want everyone to be proud to belong to such a group of enthusiastic, skill sharing, and productive knitters.
Happy Knitting !
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Feb President's Message

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It is hard to believe we are already into the second month of 2010. I trust the enthusiasm we
saw in 2009 will continue. The executive is very encouraged by several new members, the increasing number attending the meetings and the response to the request for suggestions.
The suggestions have been compiled for everyone's feedback so we know what the group wants to happen in our next few months. We will work to make as many as possible happen.

The Christmas pot-luck which was held at Maria's was enjoyed by all twenty-six members who attended and was a great way to end 2009.

The eighteen of us who attended the Retreat at Yellow Point Lodge had a great time. The weather couldn't have been better. It was so warm and beautiful that some of us were able to sit outside and knit awhile. Everyone who went plans to go again this year. If you would like to go this year, Nov. 28th and 29th, let me know as soon as possible along with your preference for accommodation. When Yellow Point Lodge gets a cancellation which falls on our dates, they let me know. I only have a day to get a deposit to them to hold it., so let me know as soon as you decide you want to go.

Anita has some exciting workshops planned. She shared the Domino knitting technique at our last meeting at St. Aidens. Many of us found this enjoyable and informative, and for some members it was a great review.

Application has been sent to the planning committee for the "50+ Active Living Celebration" which is to be held at the Pearkes Arena, Mar. 5th from 10;00 - 4:00, to let them know that we would like to participate again. Hopefully I will know by our meeting on Feb.3rd if we have been accepted so as to recruit helpers. Last year it was an enjoyable day and we had a lot of interest at our booth.

I hope your year so far has been a good one and that you are getting lots of knitting done.
Your President, Marjory MacDuff.
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December President's Message

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It is hard to believe we are already in the fourth month of the 2009-2010 VKG year. The next event of the year is the knitting retreat at Yellow Point Lodge which will be history by the time the newsletter is printed. The plan is that 19 members will have attended and hopefully will have had as great a time as was had last year. The only available spots were for 11 last year. The staff at the Lodge and I have worked together to make it possible for more to be accommodated this year. I secured the spots as they became available.
December 9th will be our Christmas social and pot luck. That is always a fun time and includes lots of wonderful food. This year there will be a gift exchange for those who wish to participate. By this we mean; bring one - take one. I hope many of you will be able to come. Parking will not be a problem. If you are not going to be at the meeting on December 2nd, when we will passing an RSVP sheet to sign, it would be nice if you could let our hostess know if you plan to come. Maria does not have an e-mail address but can be reached at 744-1053. Do come, even if you decide at the last minute. We only aim for an approximate number.
We are getting to that extra busy time of the year. If I do not see you before Christmas, have a great Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. Hope to see you in the New Year. We are planning some fun events combined with opportunities for increasing your knitting skills if you choose. We hope our meetings will continue to be a time you look forward to. Bring your suggestions for workshops, events you think we should be involved in in the community, or other ideas. We want our guild to be something we are proud to belong to and we wish for an increasing number of knitters to know we exist.
Best Wishes for the Holiday Season !
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October Newsletter

Welcome to a new VKG year. I wish to thank the nominating committee who worked hard to put together the executive for the year. I know from past experience that it is not an easy task. I am grateful for those who agreed to work with me on the executive. We will strive to make it a great year.
We are already over a month into the new VKG year. The year is off to an encouraging beginning with good attendance at the meetings and a growing membership. The first event was the Saanich Fair, which was enjoyed by those who were able to participate. At our other meeting for the month of September at St Aidan’s, we were privileged to have Vernice Shostal as a guest. Vernice is in the process of writing an article for Senior Living Magazine. We will give you notice when we know when it is to be published. I am sure you won't want to miss it.
On the evening of September 16th, the executive held an appreciation potluck dinner in honour of past executive members Jeanne Kirk, Mary Kozicki, and Val Kolsun. I am certain everyone appreciates what they have done for our guild.
Let’s all work together to make this a great year.

Marjory MacDuff